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NAIRR Secure

The Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health are co-leading a NAIRR Secure pilot effort as part of the NAIRR Pilot.

NAIRR Secure will enable research that involves sensitive data, which require special handling and protections. The NAIRR Secure pilot will assemble exemplar privacy/security-preserving resources (e.g., data enclaves, secure compute resources, and privacy preserving tools) and develop requirements for the future NAIRR Secure.

Goals of the pilot phase include:

  • Investigating new opportunities for combining data in ways that preserve privacy and security.
  • Investigating challenges and opportunities for interoperability of tools, software and other resources between NAIRR Secure enclaves and NAIRR Open.
  • Identifying research and training use cases to inform the development of the future NAIRR Secure.

Resources that are part of the NAIRR Secure effort can be found on the Pilot Resources Page.

More information will follow as the NAIRR Secure effort progresses.